Tuesday, 30 January 2018 21:05



In order to prevent technology dependency, which is defined as the disease of the New Century, it is necessary to raise awareness among endangered youths. They should be made aware of the health problems and should be informed about the activities they can do to become healthy individuals. Within the scope of these requirements, the coordinator of our project, İl MEM, came together with our project partners, İzmir Yeşilay Branch and Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, to create a project.

      Our target within the scope of our project; Providing the opportunity to reach the dialogue at the policy level with the decision-makers at the national meeting in İzmir and to prevent the problems related to the physical, psychological disturbances and inadequacies in the social skills which are the risk of the future students who are prone to technology dependence, thus avoiding the radicalization and individualization that may occur in young people, Sports and art activities.

      There are two main activities planned to be carried out to reach our targets:

      1.Main Activity:

      Students will be identified in the 20 most remote provinces of İzmir and students who are at risk of technology dependency will be identified by the questionnaire study to be made by the school guidance teachers in the determined schools.

      Students will be formed from students in PDR and Psychology department in İzmir; A total of 20 student groups came together with the students groups from 2 people before going to the districts and from Yeşilay to TBM and Youth Service And Sports Provincial Directorate. They will learn about sport-arts and social responsibility projects in their organizations.

      Twenty group focus meetings will be held in the determined districts; Workshops will be held with semi-structured interviews. Finally, all reports will be converted into a single report.

      2.Main Activity: A national meeting will be held in Izmir, where decision-makers, academicians who have worked in the field of addiction and young people from different ages and institutions will come together and pass dialogue at policy level.

For dissemination;

      All activities to be carried out throughout the project will be monitored online from the moment the project is completed. This platform will be shared by all partners involved in the project and all institutions involved in the national meeting.

      Different social media accounts will be created and kept up to date.

      The ideas that will come out as a result of the national meeting will be made into a booklet and advertised and distributed at the Eurodesk stand for "Youth Day".

      It will be advertised at national and local press.