National youth meeting was held on May 25, 2018

      During the project, 40 students from Ege University, Dokuz Eylül University and Katip Çelebi University participated in the field studies conducted in our schools in order to bring the university students with students and decision makers in İzmir and to make them aware.

     During the district focus group meetings held in 20 districts, the students conducted meeting activities, semi-structured interviews, Yeşilay presentations, posters, slogans, paintings and sports activities. In this way, students learned the way of using the technology correctly by eliminating their sense of success and admiration in social media by using chess, origami, and mental intelligence games. In the national meeting held in Izmir, a group of 40 students from pdr-psychology group, 20 teacher and school mentors from the schools in İzmir were taught, and the legislators in the province (Bel-Valilik-İl MEM-Yeşilay- Genç.

     The Department of Public Health, Department of Health, academicians who worked in the field participated and exchanged ideas. İzmir Provincial Director of National Education Ömer YAHŞİ, İzmir Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate Youth and Sports Provincial Coordinator Ahmet Gülcan, İzmir Yeşilay Branch formators made opening speeches. Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Nursing, Department of Pediatric Nursing, Assoc. Dr. Murat Bektaş gave a seminar on bir Cyber Health Murat.

     After the seminar, the student group, student representative, counselor, legislators, groups of a partner from the project carried out joint studies, and young people were given the chance to reach dialogue at policy level with decision-makers at the national meeting in İzmir and to have a say about the policies planned for young people. . At the end of the meeting, a booklet was created. The school representative students attending the national meeting transferred their ideas to the other school student representatives in their own schools and then in their own schools.